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Health and Safety - Still a Key Issue for Employers

New Zealand - May 24 2022 Health and safety dialogue has been largely dominated by COVID-19 and vaccination issues in recent times, to the point that ‘traditional’ health and…

Carl Blake, Julia MacGibbon, Laura Scampion

Whistleblowing Compliance Countdown: Are you ready?

New Zealand - May 20 2022 The Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022 has received Royal Assent. The new legislation comes into effect on 1 July 2022…

Carl Blake, Julia MacGibbon, Laura Scampion

Changes to Traffic Light settings and vaccine requirements

New Zealand - March 23 2022 The New Zealand Government has announced a raft of changes to the ‘Traffic Light’ settings and vaccine requirements. In short…

Carl Blake, Julia MacGibbon, Laura Scampion

What employers need to know: New Zealand Government Vaccination Assessment Tool

New Zealand - December 21 2021 After several months of rapidly evolving changes, New Zealand has now settled into the COVID-19 Protection Framework, colloquially known as the…

Carl Blake, Laura Scampion

COVID-19: A New Framework and Mandates for 1 in 5 Workers

New Zealand - November 2 2021 It has been challenging for employers to keep track of the changes to the New Zealand approach to COVID-19 over recent weeks, and the impact this…

Carl Blake, Laura Scampion