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Guangdong Bans Social Insurance Contribution through Staffing Agencies by Companies Outside the Province

China - August 8 2022 Companies that have employees in Guangdong but do not have a subsidiary or branch set up in the province need to be aware of a campaign launched by…

Xu Zhou

Latest average salary data in China released

China - July 25 2022 Many cities across China have published average salary figures recently. Despite the economic pressures caused by Covid lockdowns, average salary has…

Lynn Lu

Relaxation of entry restrictions and relief measures announced for businesses affected by COVID-19 lockdowns

China - June 17 2022 After nearly three months, China has lifted the lockdown in Shanghai. Most residents can travel freely within Shanghai with negative COVID-19 test…

Lynn Lu

Resuming Work and Business Operations in Shanghai

China - May 30 2022 After two-months of city-wide lockdown, the reported daily COVID-19 cases in Shanghai is decreasing steadily, and the Shanghai government has put…

Lynn Lu

Guide to Remote Working in APAC

Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand - May 27 2022 With COVID-19 continuing to cause travel disruption in many locations, employers are increasingly having to respond to scenarios where employees are…

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