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Environment Minister says Canada needs better price on oil to address climate change

Canada - May 15 2013 Canada's Environment Minister, Peter Kent, told the Financial Post in an interview from London that "[t]he ability of the oil and gas sector to…

Alberta's CCS projects will reduce emissions by 2.8 tonnes annually

Canada - May 10 2013 ...but they won't receive the bulk of their funding until they hit performance targets, Alberta's Energy Minister, Ken Hughes, said the other day…

Even more fuel efficient vehicles to hit Canadian roads

Canada - November 30 2012 In Canada, the transportation sector accounts for approximately 24 of Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions

Alberta's new energy minister confident in Alberta's energy resources

Canada - May 14 2012 Newly appointed Energy Minister, Ken Hughes, has been tasked with taking on one of Alberta’s most crucial portfolios which requires a juggling act involving the demands of government, the demands of the public and those of industry, all while Alberta’s oil industry is under the microscope.

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CCEMC announces $40 million call for proposals

Canada - May 4 2012 The Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation (“CCEMC”) has announced that it is offering up to $40 million to fund energy efficiency projects in 2012.