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Force Majeure Certificates in a global context: What are they and what is their effect?

China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, United Kingdom - April 30 2020 On 30 January 2020 the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) announced that it would offer Force Majeure Certificates (FM…

Xiaoshan Chen, Leo Cheng, Jamie Curle, Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry, Marine Lallemand, Théobald Naud, Davide Rossetti, Sean McGuiness

Penalty clauses: how to stay sweet following candy

United Kingdom - August 6 2018 This update looks at the recent case of Holyoake v Candy1 ("Holyoake"), which provided useful guidance on how the English courts interpret the Penalty…

Simon Collier, Hugh McCrea, Chloe Mears

COVID-19, force majeure and frustration: An in-depth analysis

United Kingdom - June 9 2020 The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused major disruption to businesses around the world, with many finding it difficult, or impossible, to fulfil their…

Charles Allin, Rachel Howell, Matthew Lo

Court finds signed heads of terms not enforceable due to parties’ lack of intention to be bound

United Kingdom - October 12 2022 Documents entitled "Heads of Terms," or "Heads of Agreement" are frequently entered into by parties during negotiations, and disputes often arise…

Dan Jewell, Chloe Mears, Hayley Milner, Maria Scott

May the force be with you: force majeure clauses in the energy sector

United Kingdom - September 19 2018 "Drilling for oil is a risky business", as the judge in the recent Commercial Court case of Seadrill Ghana Operations Limited v Tullow Ghana Limited…

Ruth Connolly, Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry, Dan Jewell, Matthew Lo, Felix Ndi-Obiosa