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The Dutch Juno case- Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses continue to cause problems for enforcement under Hague 2005

European Union, United Kingdom - January 12 2023 A decision recently published by the Dutch court has raised further questions over the ability to enforce English judgments based on asymmetric…

Dan Jewell, Meyke Rietveld, Siona Spillett, Frank van de Wakker

War, Coups and Hurricanes - Exiting long-term services contracts when conditions change

United Kingdom - November 28 2022 When entering a long-term services contract, the prospect of future political or environmental changes affecting performance will not be the parties’…

Mike Conradi, Isobel Rees, Maria Scott

Webinar: Africa Energy Futures - A Continent in Transition

Africa - November 3 2022 The African continent as a whole remains heavily dependent upon fossil fuels with the likes of South Africa and Nigeria remaining over 70% dependent…

Kizzita Mensah

Africa Energy Futures 2.0: Executive Summary

Africa - November 3 2022 The 27th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) takes place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in early November 2022. In what is set to be…

Kizzita Mensah

Court finds signed heads of terms not enforceable due to parties’ lack of intention to be bound

United Kingdom - October 12 2022 Documents entitled "Heads of Terms," or "Heads of Agreement" are frequently entered into by parties during negotiations, and disputes often arise…

Dan Jewell, Chloe Mears, Hayley Milner, Maria Scott