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In the hot seat: Climate change litigation risk in Australia

Australia - May 23 2022 Businesses face an increasing risk of climate change litigation over their climate change disclosures and emissions reductions policies. Asian…

Dr. Gerry Bean, Carmen Elder, Tricia Hobson

Asia Pacific Arbitration Roundup 2021

Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand - March 29 2022 Welcome to our annual Asia Pacific Arbitration Roundup where we review significant case updates and key developments in international arbitration…

Tony Andriotis, Gitanjali Bajaj, Maurice Burke, Kevin Chan, Harris Chan, Queenie Chan, Xiaoshan Chen, Leo Cheng, Richard Edwards, Satpal Gobindpuri, John Goulios, Daniel Lee, May Ng, Liam Prescott, Michael Robbins, Don Rojanapenkul, Corey Steel, Iain Thain, Ernest Yang, Ted Yi

Just head to arbitration Freedom Foods Pty Ltd v Blue Diamond Growers [2021] FCA 172

Australia - October 14 2021 The interaction between domestic laws, choice-of-law and arbitration clauses in contracts governing cross-border transactions can create uncertainty…

Tom Borland, Haley Ee

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide: The Public Duty to Consider Evidence of Corruption in Arbitrations

Singapore - October 14 2021 The Singapore International Commercial Court (the SICC), in its decision in Lao Holdings N.V. v The Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic…

Reid Hadaway, Matthew Shaw

An update from Down Under on whistleblower laws

Australia - October 5 2021 Australia’s updated whistleblower laws have put in place stringent protections for corporate and financial sector whistleblowers, strengthening the…

Natalie Caton, Jonathon Ellis