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New private sector efforts aim to unlock finance to accelerate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

USA - November 16 2022 On November 9, 2022, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other funds announced a partnership to…

Catherine Campbell, Jesse Medlong, Deanna R. Reitman

Are SLDs swaps under US regulation? A look at ISDA's analysis

USA - March 14 2022 ISDA’s recent White Paper, Regulatory Considerations for Sustainability Linked Derivatives, considers the regulatory framework established for…

Jeffrey Bourdon, Claire L. Hall, Marc A. Horwitz, Jesse Medlong, Deanna R. Reitman

Looking to verify your energy project to generate carbon credits? Understanding two popular verification registries

USA - February 18 2022 Verification, or certification, methodologies are voluntary standards that provide procedures for quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction…

Jennifer Cleall, Jonathan Fraser, Jesse Medlong, Michael Styczen, P.Eng., Deanna R. Reitman

Blocking rights and the Texas wind power generation industry

USA - February 2 2022 As winter draws near, so does the risk of another major weather event impacting the energy production industry, and, specifically, the wind power…

Deanna R. Reitman, Matthew Sarna

Commodities News and Trends

USA - June 3 2021 Welcome to the third issue of Commodities News and Trends, aiming to help commodity market participants identify and adapt to the market news and…

Jeffrey Bourdon, Robert J. Gruendel, Jesse Medlong, Deanna R. Reitman