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Five things you should know about the detention and seizure of aircraft

United Kingdom - February 23 2017 The Civil Aviation Act 1982 sets out the powers available to airport authorities to detain an aircraft if the aircraft operator fails to pay airport…

Tony Payne

Drone strikes - a look at liability

United Kingdom - February 15 2017 The drones market is soaring. Some have likened the growth of the drone market to the growth of the internet in the 1990s and…

Tony Payne

Drones - unmanned but not unregulated

European Union, United Kingdom - February 15 2017 Reports that an aircraft carrying 165 passengers narrowly avoided collision with an unmanned aircraft over central London in July 2016 have sharpened…

Neil Millar, Tony Payne

The transport sector and the Consumer Rights Act 2015

European Union, United Kingdom - August 16 2016 The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (“CRA”) reformed and consolidated consumers’ rights and remedies in respect of defective goods and services. Whilst the…

Robert Bridgman, Tony Payne, Maria Pereira, Shereena Rai, Robert Smith