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Preparing for global class actions arising from COVID-19

Global - May 28 2020 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has become an unprecedented pandemic that is having profound economic and social impacts around the world. Many…

Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry, Sammy Fang, Dr. Ludger Giesberts, Keara M. Gordon, Colleen Carey Gulliver, David T. Neave, Kieran O'Brien, Isabelle Ord, Rebecca von Rüti, Jeremy Sher

Disputes, Issue 1: Choice of law and the global class action − reliable outcomes or unintended consequences?

Global, USA - October 31 2019 The choice-of-law provision is an important tool of modern contracts. Such provisions are not just pervasive; they are well-accepted as binding even…

Vicky Lee, Isabelle Ord, Timothy Pfenninger, Eric M. Roberts

Major developments in class action litigation for 2018 - 2019

USA - June 18 2019 The relationship between class actions and arbitration remains a hot issue at the Supreme Court, where the trend in favor of arbitration continues…

David A. Priebe, Keara M. Gordon, Colleen Carey Gulliver, Isabelle Ord