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Spotlight: the energy markets in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - June 2 2022 This article explores the key features of the energy markets in United Kingdom, gauging market climate and reviewing recent developments, as well as contractual considerations for market players.

Natasha Luther-Jones, Kenneth Wallace-Mueller

In review: energy regulation in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - June 2 2022 This article reviews the need-to-know features of energy regulation in United Kingdom, including the extent of the regulatory authorities' powers, regulated activities and market access restrictions.

Natasha Luther-Jones, Kenneth Wallace-Mueller

The Energy Regulation and Markets Review: European Union

European Union - June 2 2022 The European energy markets are regulated primarily by a substantial body of European Union secondary legislation. Beyond the secondary legislation…

Michael Cieslarczyk, Natasha Luther-Jones

UK Contracts for Difference and the Capacity Market: review and evaluation

European Union, United Kingdom - May 17 2022 Rather tucked away in Part 2 (Electricity Market Reform) of the UK’s Energy Act 2013 (2013 Act), in section 66 to be precise, there is a requirement…

Natasha Luther-Jones, Graeme Walton

HM Treasury Response to Wholesale Markets Review Consultation

European Union, United Kingdom - April 19 2022 On 1 July 2021, Her Majesty's Treasury (Treasury) launched a consultation on proposals to reform the UK's wholesale markets regulatory framework…

Chris Whittaker