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The Hydrogen Revolution in APAC

Asia-Pacific - October 6 2021 Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. On earth, hydrogen only occurs naturally in compounds formed with other elements including in…

Natasha Luther-Jones

The Hydrogen Revolution in EMEA

Global - February 4 2021 As the world begins to emerge from the shadow which the pandemic has cast over it, focus will turn to global economic recovery. It is already…

Natasha Luther-Jones

Projects Global Insight Issue 3, 2020

Global - April 24 2020 Contributing to a sustainable future is more important than ever during these uncertain and testing times. Infrastructure and public services are…

Patrick Baisden, Jack Brumpton, Rubayet Choudhury, Mike Conradi, Anthony Day, Tom Fotheringham, Owen Hayford, Christian Keogh, Joseph Lam, Natasha Luther-Jones, Dan Matsuda, Maria Pereira, Yuji Shimada, Kaoru Umino

Digital Transformation in Energy and Natural Resources

Global, United Kingdom - October 10 2019 The global demand for power rises, the requirement for increased productivity, greater efficiencies in distribution and flexibility for consumers…

Anthony Day, Andreas Gunst, Natasha Luther-Jones

Recent developments in the Greek renewable energy sector

Greece - May 29 2019 The Greek Renewable Energy Sector (“RES”) has experienced substantial growth in recent years as a result of the country’s commitment to comply wit…

Natasha Luther-Jones, Orestis Omran, Dimitri Papaefstratiou