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Quirky question # 239, employers might be liable for accidents during the commute if they require employees to use their vehicle during the work day

USA - August 12 2014 Our office manager occasionally runs errands during the day such as delivering something to a customer or picking up lunch for a meeting. We…

Gabrielle Wirth

What exactly is the long-term impact of the NLRB’s decision? Part 3

USA - April 24 2014 While the Northwestern decision applies to private universities, there is a good chance that this rule would affect public universities as well…

Christopher Amundsen

Student-athletes: are they employees? Part 2

USA - April 22 2014 This case started when the “College Athletes Players Association” (“CAPA”) was formed as a union created to represent the Northwestern football…

Christopher Amundsen

College athletes and unions: a first strike from the NLRB

USA - April 17 2014 On March 26, the Chicago Region of the National Labor Relations Board (the "NLRB" or the "Board") decided that college football players at…

Christopher Amundsen

Quirky question # 224, the de minimis defense to off the clock work claims

USA - March 31 2014 First, let’s talk about the law in the Ninth Circuit, which governs the West Coast, and California. Last month, in Troester v. Starbucks, the federal…

Gabrielle Wirth