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EU reform of copyright law: heading in the right direction?

European Union - September 30 2016 Two roads diverged in a wood, perhaps the Commission favoured the one most travelled. The European Commission, within the framework of its 'Digital…

Alexis Hallemans.

Equal treatment in light of private copying exemption and extent of commercial users’ right to reclaim undue levy payments

European Union - September 30 2016 The Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") has recently shed further light on the private copying exemption provided by article 5 (2) (b) of…

Alexis Hallemans.

To hyperlink or not? Posting a hyperlink can infringe copyrights

European Union - September 14 2016 On 8 September, the Court of Justice (“CJEU”) in the GS Media BV v. Sanoma Media a.o. Case (C-160-15), within the framework of a preliminary ruling…

Alexis Hallemans.

Who has to pay a fair compensation in relation to the private copying exception?

Spain - June 30 2016 In yet another decision in relation to the private copying exception provided for by article 5(2) (b) of Directive 2001/29/EG ("Infosoc Directive")…

Alexis Hallemans.

Another patch without a possible cure: Belgian IP law scrutinized by the Court of Justice for not providing a system of 'fair compensation’ to offset legal exceptions imposed on the reproduction right of copyright holders

Belgium, European Union - November 30 2015 On 12 November 2015, the Court of Justice in the Hewlett-Packard Belgium v. Reprobel case (C-572/13) eviscerated the system of fair compensation…

Alexis Hallemans.