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An outplacement offer can be declined on medical grounds

Belgium - March 5 2018 Since the "single status" reform of December 2013, any employee dismissed with more than 30 weeks' notice is entitled to an outplacement programme…

Gaël Chuffart

Federal government to amend notice periods for employment terminated during the first six months

Belgium - November 3 2017 Following the ban on the trial period in 2014, the federal government now plans to further amend the notice periods for teh dismissal employees whose…

Sophie Berg

Collaborative economy: new legal framework enters into full force on 1 March 2017

Belgium - February 27 2017 On 1 July 2016, Belgium became one of the first European countries to pass legislation on the collaborative (or sharing) economy (Program Act of 1…

Sophie Berg

Cross-border secondment: DIMONA obligation not applicable to seconded (sham) self-employed individuals holding valid A1 certificate

Belgium - May 24 2016 A Supreme Court decision of February 2016 reminds host Member States of the evidential value of A1 certificates with regard to the applicable social…

Gaël Chuffart

Unlimited income for pensioners since 1 January 2015

Belgium - February 25 2015 From now on, a pensioner having reached the age of 65 (or having worked for at least 45 years at the time of their retirement as an employee…

Sophie Berg, Gaël Chuffart