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European trade secrets rules soon to become reality

European Union - January 14 2016 The EU Trade Secrets Directive is close to becoming a reality. In a previous edition of In context we already reported on this. A new version of the…

Tjibbe Douma, Jan Pieter Hustinx, Gertjan Kuipers, Oscar Lamme

Anonymous sellers of illegal e-books more easily unmasked

Netherlands - November 10 2015 If an anonymous trader sells illegal e-books online, the internet service provider may be ordered to reveal the infringer’s identity. As recently…

Vivien Rörsch, Robbert Sjoerdsma

Keeping it secret: start preparing for Trade Secrets Directive

European Union - October 12 2015 Trade secrets are an important asset for all businesses as they are at the core of their competiveness. A trade secret can be any information that is…

Tjibbe Douma, Jan Pieter Hustinx, Gertjan Kuipers

New copyright contract law aims to improve position of authors and performing artists

Netherlands - September 9 2015 A new Copyright Contract Act entered into force in the Netherlands on 1 July 2015. Its objective is to improve the contractual position of authors…

Vivien Rörsch

Well-known Community trademark may be protected in member state where it has no reputation

European Union - September 9 2015 On 3 September 2015, the ECJ handed down its decision in Iron&Smith v Unilever and ruled that a Community trademark which has acquired a reputation…

Robbert Sjoerdsma