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Regulatory & Criminal Enforcement Newsletter | June 2013

Netherlands - June 28 2013 This bill has been submitted to the Second Chamber of Parliament and introduces the following changes: The supervision on financial reporting will be…

Marnix Somsen

Companies active in UK must report on steps taken against modern slavery worldwide

United Kingdom - January 13 2016 A new reporting duty was recently added to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015: companies must ensure that employees are not being exploited, that working…

Rick van ‘t Hullenaar, Roan Lamp, Marnix Somsen

SEC sends a clear message to board members

USA - October 10 2013 The SEC recently fined and has also petitioned for multi-million US dollar sanctions in cases involving negligence in supervision. On 17 July 2013…

Roan Lamp, Marnix Somsen

New legislation: companies with more than 50 employees must have whistleblower policy

Netherlands - March 9 2016 After a legislative process that lasted nearly four years, the Dutch parliament finally approved a bill to create an Institute for Whistleblowers on…

Rick van ‘t Hullenaar, Roan Lamp, Marnix Somsen

New EU market abuse legislation and how it impacts the Netherlands

European Union, Netherlands - March 10 2014 New EU legislation for preventing market abuse is nearly finalised and will most likely enter into effect by mid-2016. But how will this new market…

Rick van ‘t Hullenaar, Roan Lamp, Marnix Somsen