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CJ: one can sue before any EU court for online infringement

European Union, Netherlands - November 11 2013 The CJ ruled that the relevant criterion for establishing jurisdiction in online copyright infringement cases is whether copies of the infringed…

Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Ilja Morée

New legislative proposals regarding the European trademark system

European Union - October 10 2013 The European Commission has recently proposed new amendments to European trademark law which will result in some fundamental changes for trademark…

Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Ilja Morée

Important changes take effect for the registration of Benelux trademarks and designs

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands - October 10 2013 The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property ("BOIP") recently introduced several changes that will affect users. These changes include recognising…

Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Ilja Morée

Draft legislation EU Trademark System officially launched

European Union - March 28 2013 We sent you our Legal Alert last week about the leaked draft legislation concerning the European Trademark System, in which we highlighted a few of…

Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Ilja Morée

Overhaul of EU trademark system imminent: draft legislation leaked

European Union - March 15 2013 Draft legislation by the European Commission ('Commission') concerning the European Trademark System was recently leaked. The available version of…

Tobias Cohen Jehoram, Ilja Morée