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FTC Action Against Digital Marketing and Analytics Company Highlights Enforcement Approach Ahead of Public Forum on “Commercial Surveillance and Data Security”

USA - September 2 2022 On August 29, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) filed suit against Kochava, Inc. (“Kochava”), a digital marketing and analytics company, in…

Yahonnes Cleary, Michael E. Gertzman, Roberto J. Gonzalez, Carter Greenbaum, Steven C. Herzog, Jeannie S. Rhee

DOJ Antitrust Division Updates Leniency Policy, Highlighting Prompt Reporting Requirement

USA - April 6 2022 The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division leniency policy allows organizations to avoid criminal prosecution for violations of section 1 of…

Joseph J. Bial, Andrew C. Finch, William B. Michael, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Joshua H. Soven, Aidan Synnott, Brette Tannenbaum

Federal Judge Allows SEC to Proceed on “Shadow Trading” Theory

USA - January 19 2022 A federal district judge permitted the Securities and Exchange Commission to pursue claims alleging that an executive had improperly traded in the…

Udi Grofman, Susanna M. Buergel, Geoffrey R. Chepiga, Michael E. Donohue, Andrew J. Ehrlich, Roberto Finzi, Daniel J. Kramer, Gregory F. Laufer, Jane B. O'Brien, Lorin L. Reisner, Raphael M. Russo, Daniel S. Sinnreich, Audra J. Soloway

Deputy Attorney General Announces Renewed DOJ Focus on Corporate Criminal Enforcement

USA - November 1 2021 On October 28, 2021, during a speech at the American Bar Association’s 36th National Institute on White Collar Crime, Deputy Attorney General (“DAG”)…

Theodore V. Wells Jr., David W. Brown, Walter Brown, Jessica S. Carey, Roberto Finzi, Harris Fischman, Michael E. Gertzman, Melinda Haag, Michele Hirshman, Joshua Hill Jr., Brad S. Karp, Randy Luskey, Loretta E. Lynch, Mark F. Mendelsohn, Lorin L. Reisner, Jeannie S. Rhee, Amanda Weingarten

SEC Enforcement Director Announces “Aggressive” Policy Shifts, Including Requiring Admissions of Wrongdoing

USA - October 18 2021 On October 13, 2021, Gurbir Grewal, the SEC’s new Director of Enforcement, announced in a speech that he intends to recommend “aggressive” use of…

Susanna M. Buergel, Jessica S. Carey, Geoffrey R. Chepiga, Andrew J. Ehrlich, Roberto Finzi, Harris Fischman, Brad S. Karp, Daniel J. Kramer, Gregory F. Laufer, Jane B. O'Brien, Lorin L. Reisner, Briana Sheridan, Daniel S. Sinnreich, Audra J. Soloway