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Class Certification Case Law Updates

USA - November 5 2020 The past year has seen several cases delve into the role that both representative evidence and uninjured class members play in determining whether...

Liza M. Velazquez, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Yahonnes Cleary, Akila Bhargava, Jessica Finberg, Bethlehem Mebratu, Craig A. Benson.

Delaware Court of Chancery Provides New Guidance on the Standard for Analyzing Demand Futility

USA - November 3 2020 In an opinion that portends a potential shift in the standard applicable to motions to dismiss derivative cases for failure to plead demand...

Daniel Mason, Matthew D. Stachel, Brad S. Karp, Daniel J. Kramer, Andrew J. Ehrlich, Richard A. Rosen, Audra J. Soloway, Daniel S. Sinnreich, Eliza Strong, Susanna M. Buergel.

LIBOR Cessation: ISDA Launches IBOR Fallbacks Supplement and ISDA 2020 IBOR Fallbacks Protocol

USA - October 27 2020 On October 23, 2020, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”) launched the IBOR Fallbacks Supplement to the 2006 ISDA...

Jessica S. Carey, Manuel S. Frey, Mark S. Bergman, Brad J. Finkelstein, Hilary Christian, Shimeng Cheng.

LIBOR Transition: ISDA Receives Positive Business Review Letter from the Department of Justice on Proposed IBOR Fallback Language

USA - October 5 2020 As we have previously reported, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”) has developed, and is now poised to publish...

Jessica S. Carey, Joseph J. Bial, Andrew J. Forman, Charles F. (Rick) Rule, Manuel S. Frey, Andrew C. Finch, Mark S. Bergman, Aidan Synnott, Anand Sithian, David I. Berman, Hilary Christian, Susanna M. Buergel.

SOFR Discounting Transition for Cleared Swaps

USA - August 10 2020 On October 16, 2020, central clearing houses (“CCPs”) are set to transition their discounting methodology and rates used to pay interest on cash...

Manuel S. Frey, Amy L. Barton, Anastasia V. Peterson.