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DOJ Withdraws Standards-Essential Patent Policy and Will Evaluate Competition Issues “Case-by-Case”

USA - June 14 2022 The Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other agencies withdrew a 2019 Policy Statement on Remedies for Standards-Essential…

Jonathan Ashtor, Nicholas Groombridge, William B. Michael, Catherine Nyarady, Joshua H. Soven, Eric Alan Stone, Aidan Synnott

Recent Antitrust Division Statements Suggest Close Attention to Deals Involving Private Equity

USA - May 20 2022 The federal antitrust agencies are increasingly focused on issues of particular relevance to private equity funds. In a memo last September, the FTC…

Matthew W. Abbott, Joseph J. Bial, William A. Isaacson, Marta P. Kelly, Jared P. Nagley, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Joshua H. Soven, Sarah Stasny, Aidan Synnott

DOJ Antitrust Division Updates Leniency Policy, Highlighting Prompt Reporting Requirement

USA - April 6 2022 The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division leniency policy allows organizations to avoid criminal prosecution for violations of section 1 of…

Joseph J. Bial, William B. Michael, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Joshua H. Soven, Aidan Synnott, Brette Tannenbaum, Richard C. Tarlowe

Ninth Circuit Analyzes Parallel Conduct Allegations and Does Not Find “Something More” Suggesting an Antitrust Conspiracy

USA - March 9 2022 On March 7, the Ninth Circuit affirmed a lower court’s grant of a motion to dismiss a complaint alleging that manufacturers of dynamic random access…

Joseph J. Bial, Meredith Dearborn, William B. Michael, Jane B. O'Brien, Jessica E. Phillips, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Charles F. (Rick) Rule, Joshua H. Soven, Aidan Synnott, Aydan Synnott, Brette Tannenbaum

DOJ Provides Guidance on Antitrust Analysis of Employee Non-Compete Agreements

USA - March 7 2022 In a recent statement of interest filed in a Nevada state court litigation, the Department of Justice (DOJ) set forth its current views on…

Robert A. Atkins, Joseph J. Bial, Daniel J. Howley, Maria Helen Keane, William B. Michael, Jared P. Nagley, Jacqueline P. Rubin, Charles F. (Rick) Rule, Joshua H. Soven, Aidan Synnott, Liza M. Velazquez