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Defaulting Respondent Left Holding the Bag

USA - November 14 2019 A recent opinion by the Commission highlights the risk for defaulting at the ITC. The Commission reversed the ALJ's finding of…

Blaney Harper

IPR Goes Forward Despite Late Stage Parallel ITC Investigation

USA - October 2 2019 Since their inception as part of the AIA, inter partes reviews (IPRs) have been a favorite tool in the arsenal of…

Vishal V. Khatri

The ITC Swears In Two New Commissioners

USA - August 27 2019 The ITC has sworn in two new Commissioners. Randolph J. Stayin was sworn in on August 23, 2019, and Amy A. Karpel was sworn in on August 26, 2019…

Ryan B. McCrum

Alice's Last Birthday? Highlights from the Senate Hearings to Abrogate Alice v. CLS

USA - June 27 2019 The Situation: The Senate is considering legislation to abrogate the Supreme Court's decision in Alice v. CLS and related case law…

Rita J. Yoon

Ground Rules Preclude New Rebuttal Expert Opinions

USA - June 21 2019 Shortly before the evidentiary hearing, ALJ Lord granted Complainant’s motion in limine and excluded certain…

David M. Maiorana