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U.S. Supreme Court to Determine Scienter Standard for False Claims Act Cases

USA - January 19 2023 In a momentous event for False Claims Act cases throughout the country, the Supreme Court has granted certiorari to decide the applicable scienter…

B. Kurt Copper, Justin E. Herdman, Karen P. Hewitt, Heather M. O'Shea, Stephen G. Sozio

Supreme Court Increasingly Wading Into False Claims Act's Morass

USA - December 22 2022 While FCA defendants typically find themselves first opposite the government in the investigative phase, and then opposite the relator during the…

Karen P. Hewitt, Laura F. Laemmle-Weidenfeld, Rajeev Muttreja, Heather M. O'Shea, Jason S. Varnado

U.S. Supreme Court Curbs Executive Power and Reach of EPA

USA - July 19 2022 In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (the "EPA") issued the Clean Power Plan (the "Plan") to curb greenhouse gas emissions by forcing power…

Yaakov M. Roth, Jeffrey A. Schlegel, Charles T. Wehland

Enforcing the Line Between Product Liability and Public Nuisance

USA - May 16 2022 Courts are increasingly confronted with attempts by the Plaintiffs' bar to repackage traditional product liability claims as public nuisance claims…

Leon F. DeJulius Jr. (Lee), Sharyl A. Reisman, Yaakov M. Roth

California Recognizes First Exception to Mandatory Preference Statute for Coordinated Proceedings

USA - March 4 2022 The California Supreme Court denied review of the Court of Appeal's decision in Isaak et al. v. Superior Court of Contra Costa County, thereby…

Celeste M. Brecht, Nathaniel P. Garrett, Steven N. Geise, Christopher Lovrien