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2020 Anti-Money Laundering Year in Review

Global - January 26 2021 2020 witnessed a flurry of anti-money laundering activity, with the issues and developments continuing to be global in scope. In the United States…

Sergio Alvarez-Mena, Steven T. Cottreau, Michael R. Fischer, Samuel Ngo

Boosting Blockchain: Germany to Introduce Electronic Securities

Germany - August 13 2020 Under German civil law, the issuance of a bearer bond requires a paper‑based document with a wet ink signature (with the exception of certain…

Michael R. Fischer, Philippe Goutay, Mark W. Rasmussen, Martin Schulte, Harriet Territt, Nick Wittek

OCC Concludes That National Banks May Provide Cryptocurrency Custody Services

USA - July 30 2020 The OCC sees holding the cryptographic access keys to control and transfer cryptocurrency as an "electronic corollary" of banking's traditional…

Mark W. Rasmussen

Facilitating Transatlantic Fintech Innovation and Cooperation: The New MOU Between the NYSDFS and the French ACPR

France, USA - June 12 2020 Both the ACPR and NYSDFS have established programs or departments that specialize in the implementation of technology in the financial services sector…

Philippe Goutay

Increased Commodities Enforcement Leads to CFTC Guidance and New DOJ Fraud Unit

USA - May 28 2020 The Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") issues new civil monetary penalties guidance, and the U.S. Department of Justice ("DOJ") expands…

Ryan J. Andreoli, David A. Applebaum, Harriet Territt