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Key Lessons from UK National Security and Investment Regime's First Year

United Kingdom - January 8 2023 Since the United Kingdom implemented the National Security and Investment Act in January 2022 ("NSI Regime"), there has been a significant increase…

Vica Irani, Jason A. Beer, Leon Ferera, Mark Jones, Elizabeth A. Robertson

Global Merger Control Update | Fall 2022

Global - October 28 2022 This Jones Day Global Merger Control Update highlights significant recent developments and changes in merger control regimes. In this Update, we…

Jesús Gabriel Altamirano (Gabriel), Bernard E. Amory, Jason A. Beer, Mark Jones, Dr. Johannes Zöttl

The French Ministry of Economy Releases Guidelines on Foreign Direct Investments

France - October 11 2022 On September 9, 2022, the French Ministry of Economy released its guidelines ("Guidelines") on the regulation of foreign direct investments ("FDI")…

Jason A. Beer, Jürgen Beninca, Nicolas Brice, Stefano Crosio, Raimundo Ortega

Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs: Will Farm-to-Fork Crack European Antitrust?

European Union - August 30 2022 The European Commission ("EC") is expected to release guidelines regarding a newly introduced exemption to the EU antitrust rules for certain…

Jürgen Beninca, Françoise S. Labrousse, Raimundo Ortega, Eric Barbier de La Serre

Saudi Antitrust Authority Blocks First Vertical Transaction Under New Competition Law

Saudi Arabia - June 20 2022 Recent actions by the Saudi Arabia competition authority confirm that the agency is adopting a more aggressive enforcement approach, particularly…

Javade Chaudhri, Michael Maloney, Ryan C. Thomas