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To Adopt or Not to Adopt: Poison Pills in the Wake of COVID-19

USA - March 24 2020 Equity prices have collapsed in the past month, making many companies vulnerable to opportunistic and abusive takeovers and…

Randi C. Lesnick, James P. Dougherty, Lyle G. Ganske, Lizanne Thomas

ISS's 2020 "EVA" Assessment: How Will Your CEO Perform?

USA - March 7 2020 Beginning with this proxy season, ISS will use metrics based on "EVA"—economic value added—as part of its pay-for-performance analyses. ISS claims…

Randi C. Lesnick, James P. Dougherty, Lyle G. Ganske, Jennifer C. Lewis, Lizanne Thomas

BlackRock Focuses on Climate Change: What Companies Should Do Now

USA - January 25 2020 BlackRock, the world's largest asset management firm, announced initiatives to make climate change and other sustainability issues a co…

Randi C. Lesnick, Lizanne Thomas

Some 2020 Foresight from the SEC? New Staff Guidance on Shareholder Proposals

USA - November 12 2019 SEC Staff Legal Bulletin 14K offers new guidance for companies seeking to exclude Rule 14a-8 shareholder proposals relating…

Randi C. Lesnick, James P. Dougherty, Jennifer C. Lewis, Lizanne Thomas

Chancery Court Requires Entire Fairness Review of Tesla CEO Compensation

USA - November 5 2019 A shareholder challenged an extraordinary and extremely lucrative incentive-based compensation package awarded by Tesla to…

James P. Dougherty, Lizanne Thomas