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G20 Debt Relief for Developing Countries—Less Simple than it Appears

Global - July 3 2020 The G20 agreement provides immediate relief to low-income countries battling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but challenges remain. The…

Stuart Kerr

Construction Projects and Disputes: A Look Beyond the COVID-19 Lockdown, Part II

Global - May 13 2020 It is becoming increasingly clear that the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt once lockdown measures are relaxed and goods and services…

Karthik Kumar, KYLE M. BALTES, Simon Bellas, Adam Conway, John J. Crowley, Kenneth P. Hickman, Peter D. Laun, Michael S. Mccauley, Daniel D. McMillan, Holger Neumann, Bruce A. Olcott, James Pickavance, Julien Reidy, Jeffrey A. Schlegel, Brian L. Sedlak, Fradyn Suarez, Christopher N. Thatch, Danielle M. Varnell

French Parliament Passes GAFA Tax

European Union, France, OECD - July 19 2019 On July 11, 2019, the French Parliament adopted the bill creating a tax on digital services, applicable as from January 1, 2019.…

Emmanuel de La Rochethulon, Laura Fraedrich

Actions by Sub-Saharan OHADA-Member Nations Promote Arbitration

Global - January 5 2018 In November 2017, 17 sub-Saharan African states reformed both their uniform arbitration law and the Arbitration Rules of their regional arbitration…

Dr. Michael W. Bühler, Pierre Heitzmann, Javade Chaudhri, Anne-Sophie Gidoin

OHADA's 17 African States Adopt the Uniform Act on Mediation

Global - December 21 2017 In November 2017, 17 states of sub-Saharan Africa adopted the Uniform Act on Mediation. The practice of mediation, although it already has legislative…

Dr. Michael W. Bühler, Pierre Heitzmann, Javade Chaudhri, Anne-Sophie Gidoin