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Mexico's Antitrust Authority Updates Merger Guidelines

Mexico - April 23 2021 The Comisión Federal de Competencia's new guidelines clarify notification requirements for joint ventures and the "failing firm" defense. Newly…

Jesús Gabriel Altamirano (Gabriel), Serge Clerckx, Javier Martínez del Campo L., Manuel Romano

European Commission Expands Antitrust Reviews to Non-Reportable Transactions

European Union - April 9 2021 According to the European Commission ("EC"), an increasing number of competitively significant transactions have evaded merger notification because…

Charlotte Breuvart, Serge Clerckx, Eric Barbier de La Serre, Dr. Johannes Zöttl

Antitrust Agencies Suspend Early Termination of HSR Waiting Period

USA - February 6 2021 On February 4, 2021, the U.S. antitrust agencies announced that they are temporarily suspending the discretionary practice of granting early…

Michael H. Knight, Peter J. Love, Pamela L. Taylor, Ryan C. Thomas

New Law Eliminates 75-Year-Old Antitrust Exemption for "Business of Health Insurance"

USA - January 27 2021 Congress unanimously passed and before leaving office, President Trump signed into law, the Competitive Health Insurance…

Aimee E. DeFilippo, Kenneth W. Field, Lisa G. Han, David C. Kiernan

Germany Adopts New Competition Rules for Tech Platforms

European Union, Germany, United Kingdom - January 23 2021 In Short The Development: The Bundestag, the German legislature, amended Germany's antitrust laws to include special competition rules for digital…

Jürgen Beninca, Carsten T. Gromotke, Hiromitsu Miyakawa, Laurent De Muyter, Prudence J Smith