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FTC Resurrects Unilateral Preapproval in Merger Investigation Settlements to Halt Future "Anticompetitive" M&A

USA - November 9 2021 The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") revived a long-abandoned policy requiring that Commission orders settling FTC merger investigations include a…

Lin W. Kahn, J. Bruce McDonald, Jeremy P. Morrison, Craig A. Waldman

FTC Signals Aggressive Antitrust Policy as Part of Government Pro-Enforcement Agenda

USA - July 22 2021 The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), which now has a 3-2 Democrat majority, held its first Commission meeting since President Biden appointed a new…

Lin W. Kahn, J. Bruce McDonald, Craig A. Waldman

Biden Administration Executive Order Would Expand Regulatory Intervention in Markets Across the Economy

USA - July 15 2021 President Biden recently signed an Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy (the "Order") outlining 72 initiatives by more…

Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don), Jonathan M. Linas, David M. Morrell, Craig A. Waldman

Mexico's Antitrust Authority Updates Merger Guidelines

Mexico - April 23 2021 The Comisión Federal de Competencia's new guidelines clarify notification requirements for joint ventures and the "failing firm" defense. Newly…

Jesús Gabriel Altamirano (Gabriel), Serge Clerckx, Javier Martínez del Campo L., Manuel Romano

European Commission Expands Antitrust Reviews to Non-Reportable Transactions

European Union - April 9 2021 According to the European Commission ("EC"), an increasing number of competitively significant transactions have evaded merger notification because…

Charlotte Breuvart, Serge Clerckx, Eric Barbier de La Serre, Dr. Johannes Zöttl