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New York Court of Appeals Rejects Consent-By-Registration Rule for Personal Jurisdiction

USA - October 21 2021 Whether an out-of-state business consents to general personal jurisdiction in a state by registering to do business there has emerged as an important…

Harold K. Gordon, Traci L. Lovitt, Charles R.A. Morse, Rajeev Muttreja, Lauri W. Sawyer

Supreme Court Narrows Article III Standing in Damages Actions

USA - July 2 2021 The U.S. Supreme Court decided TransUnion LLC v. Ramirez, vacating a class-action judgment and holding that much of the class lacked Article III…

Elizabeth B. McRee, Richard J. Grabowski, Rebekah Byers Kcehowski, Daniel J. McLoon, John A. Vogt

Supreme Court Again Reins in Scope of Claims Under the Alien Tort Statute

USA - June 25 2021 On June 17, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Nestle USA, Inc. v. Doe, reaffirming that the Alien Tort Statute ("ATS") does not permit…

Bethany K. Biesenthal, Victoria Dorfman, Caroline C. Edsall, Christopher Lovrien, Craige Stewart

Personal Jurisdiction After the Supreme Court's Decision in Ford: What Has Changed?

USA - April 7 2021 The Supreme Court's recent decision in Ford is sure to be framed by some as expanding—perhaps quite significantly—the availability of specific…

Traci L. Lovitt, Charles R.A. Morse, Rajeev Muttreja, Sharyl A. Reisman, Lisa M. Ropple

Second Circuit: Discovery Statute Reaches Documents Held Overseas by U.S. Entities

USA - October 17 2019 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently ruled that a New York-based affiliate of a global financial institution could be forced to…

Harold K. Gordon, Jessica M. Sawyer