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Digital Markets Act: European Union Adopts New "Competition" Regulations for Certain Digital Platforms

European Union - August 2 2022 The European Parliament ("EP") and Council formally adopted the Digital Markets Act ("DMA") in July 2022, imposing new behavioral obligations on large…

Charlotte Breuvart, Yvan N. Desmedt, Jörg Hladjk, Laurent De Muyter, Alexandre G. Verheyden

EU Revises State Aid Rules for Important Projects of Common European Interest

European Union - February 21 2022 The European Commission ("Commission") has adopted revised guidance setting out the criteria to assess Important Projects of Common European Interest…

Charlotte Breuvart, Philippe Laconte, Philipp Werner

EU Member State COVID-19 Recovery Plans Must Comply with State Aid Rules

European Union - March 31 2021 The European Commission has launched its largest ever stimulus package to support recovery of EU economies from the COVID-19 pandemic's unprecedented…

Charlotte Breuvart, Yvan N. Desmedt, Marta Delgado Echevarría, Eric Barbier de La Serre, Alexandre G. Verheyden

EU Court Overturns Commission Decision in Landmark Apple Tax Case

European Union, OECD - July 22 2020 In 2016, the European Commission adopted a decision concerning two tax rulings issued by Ireland in favor of two Apple group companies (ASI and AOE)…

Charlotte Breuvart, Matt Evans, Joseph A. Goldman, Edward T. Kennedy, Eric Barbier de La Serre

EU Court Raises Bar for Commission to Block Certain Mergers

European Union - June 12 2020 The EU General Court ruled that the Commission must demonstrate with a "strong probability" that the effect on competition is "significant" to block a…

Yvan N. Desmedt, Eric Barbier de La Serre, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Geoffroy van de Walle