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SEC Releases Proposed Rule on Climate Risk Disclosure

USA - March 28 2022 The SEC's proposed amendments would require registrants to disclose information about emissions, the oversight and governance of climate-related risks…

Kevin P. Holewinski, Henry Klehm III, Sarah L. Levine, Joel T. May, Jayant W. Tambe

ESG Risks for Financial Institutions Operating in the United States: What to Expect in 2022

USA - March 21 2022 Demand for ESG-aligned companies and investment products are likely to continue to accelerate transformation of the investing landscape in 2022. The…

Lauri W. Sawyer, Joseph B. Sconyers, Howard F. Sidman, Jayant W. Tambe, Lizanne Thomas

SEC Proposes to Broadly Expand the Definition of an "Exchange" and Amend Regulation ATS

USA - February 14 2022 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC" or "Commission") has proposed amendments to Rule 3b-16 under the Exchange Act that would…

James Burnham, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Sarah L. Levine, Joan E. McKown, Laura S. Pruitt

Pre-Enforcement Challenges—A Vital Tool for Regulated Parties in the United States

USA - December 15 2021 Pre-enforcement review is one way to combat regulatory uncertainty. The digital asset industry has now met the regulatory state. Those interested in…

James Burnham, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Karen P. Hewitt, Brian C. Rabbitt, Mark W. Rasmussen

Australian Court Grants Shareholders Access to Bank's Internal Documents to Assess Alignment With Climate Change Commitments

Australia - December 10 2021 In a landmark development, shareholders of a major Australian bank have been granted access to internal documents that record the bank's consideration…

Jennifer L. Chambers, Michael R. Fischer, Annie E Leeks, Tim L'Estrange, Michael G. Lundberg