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Supreme Court Rules California Cannot Force Nonprofits to Disclose Donors

USA - July 8 2021 The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down California law requiring charitable organizations to disclose their donors to the state. On July 1, 2021, the U.S…

Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don), E. Stewart Crosland, Antonio F. Dias, Karen P. Hewitt, Robert Luther III

Supreme Court Rules Tax Penalty Does Not Bar Pre-Enforcement Regulatory Challenge

USA - May 21 2021 The Supreme Court held that a company may bring a pre-enforcement challenge under the Administrative Procedure Act ("APA") to an IRS reporting…

Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don), Michael A. Carvin (Mike), Traci L. Lovitt, Brett A. Shumate

Supreme Court Excuses Administrative Exhaustion for Some Structural Constitutional Claims

USA - April 24 2021 Litigants must generally exhaust all arguments before administrative agencies, but structural constitutional claims are unique. In Carr v. Saul, the U…

Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don), Gregory A. Castanias, Anthony J. Dick, Matthew W. Johnson, Brett A. Shumate

White House Revokes Prior Administration’s Regulatory Reform Executive Orders

USA - January 27 2021 Executive Order directs agencies to repeal rules and policies implementing regulatory reforms…

Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don)

President Signs Amendments to Paycheck Protection Program Into Law

USA - June 6 2020 Amendments to loan forgiveness period, safe harbors, and other provisions provide flexibility to borrowers. The new Paycheck Protection Program…

Randi C. Lesnick, Donald F. Mcgahn II (Don), Brett P. Barragate, Michael J. Gray, Jayant W. Tambe