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Climate Change and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Global - March 1 2022 Climate change litigation is often viewed by companies as a risk. However, it is also an opportunity—if brought in the right forum—for companies…

Michelle Bradfield, Philip J. Devenish, Melissa Stear Gorsline, Fahad A. Habib, Sylvia Tonova

Crisis in Crimea: is your foreign investment there protected by a treaty?

Russia, Ukraine - April 10 2014 Following Crimea's disputed referendum to join the Russian Federation, held under Russian military occupation, and Russia's annexation of Crimea…

Anastasiya Ugale, Sylvia Tonova

Peru's Struggle to Balance Foreign Investors' Rights and Local Communities' Demands

Peru - May 30 2022 In 2021, Pedro Castillo, a left-wing socialist from Peru's Marxist party, was elected the country's president. President Castillo promised to…

José A. Estandía, Mercedes Fernandez, Melissa Stear Gorsline, Fahad A. Habib, Sylvia Tonova

Companies With Investments and Businesses in Ukraine and Russia: The Importance of Investment Treaties

Global, Russia, Ukraine - March 21 2022 Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, companies have been asking how they can protect their employees, investments, and assets in Ukraine, Belarus…

Michelle Bradfield, Philip J. Devenish, Melissa Stear Gorsline, Jean-Pierre N. Harb, Sylvia Tonova

Chile's Proposed Constitutional Changes to Natural Resources Rights Could Have Devastating Effects on Foreign Investors: How Can International Law Protect Them?

Chile - August 9 2022 Chile is currently considering a new Constitution—due to be put to a referendum in September—and foreign investors should be aware of its potential…

Michelle Bradfield, Mercedes Fernandez, Marcello Hallake, Maria I. Pradilla Picas, Ricardo H. Puente