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FERC Signals Increased Scrutiny Over Affiliate Relationships

USA - November 2 2022 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("Commission" or "FERC") holds that appointing an investor representative to a Public Utility Board results…

David A. Applebaum, George M. Hunter, Brooke M. Proto, Jeffrey A. Schlegel

Fifth Circuit Clarifies FERC's Authority to Address Natural Gas Market Manipulation

USA - October 27 2022 The Fifth Circuit upheld a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") determination that an energy company unlawfully manipulated the natural gas…

David A. Applebaum, James E. Olson, Robert N. Stander, Joshua B. Sterling, Charlotte H. Taylor

FERC Proposes to Greatly Expand a Favorite Enforcement Tool—the "Duty of Candor" Rule—Across Its Jurisdictional Footprint

USA - August 9 2022 This Alert discusses FERC's proposal to expand the "duty of candor" to apply to any person or organization making communications relating to…

David A. Applebaum, Jewel R. Hand, James E. Olson, Brooke M. Proto, Jeffrey A. Schlegel

New NGL Pipeline and Renewable Generation Interconnection Settlements Highlight FERC's Expanded Enforcement Focus

USA - July 12 2022 Recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") enforcement settlements—one involving a natural gas liquids ("NGL") pipeline's compliance with…

David A. Applebaum, Jewel R. Hand, James C. Olson, Brooke M. Proto

Biden Administration Proposes Universal EV Charging Standards

USA - June 20 2022 On June 9, 2022, the Biden administration released new standards for its goal of building 500,000 electric vehicle ("EV") charging stations nationwide…

Jeffrey J. Jones, Jeffrey B. Kirzner, Arthur T. O'Reilly, Jeffrey A. Schlegel, Alexandra L. Wilde