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The French Ministry of Economy Releases Guidelines on Foreign Direct Investments

France - October 11 2022 On September 9, 2022, the French Ministry of Economy released its guidelines ("Guidelines") on the regulation of foreign direct investments ("FDI")…

Jason A. Beer, Nicolas Brice, Serge Clerckx, Stefano Crosio, Raimundo Ortega

Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs: Will Farm-to-Fork Crack European Antitrust?

European Union - August 30 2022 The European Commission ("EC") is expected to release guidelines regarding a newly introduced exemption to the EU antitrust rules for certain…

Serge Clerckx, Françoise S. Labrousse, Raimundo Ortega, Eric Barbier de La Serre

European Commission Blocks Hungary's Attempt to Veto Transaction Under FDI Rules

European Union, Hungary - March 14 2022 The European Commission ("EC") issued its first decision ("Decision") regarding the intersection of EU merger control rules and the recent growth in…

Nicolas Brice, Serge Clerckx, Laurent De Muyter, Alexandre G. Verheyden

EU Court Annuls Landmark European Commission "Abuse of Dominance" Antitrust Decision

European Union - January 14 2022 The EU General Court's decision reverses a €1.06 billion "abuse of dominance" fine against Intel related to loyalty rebates. The EU General Court…

Bernard E. Amory, Laurent De Muyter, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Craig A. Waldman, Geoffroy van de Walle

Second Circuit—Once Again—Overturns on Comity Grounds Multi-Million Dollar Price-Fixing Judgment

China, USA - August 30 2021 For a second time, the Second Circuit reversed on international comity grounds, due to a conflict between U.S. and Chinese law, a $148 million…

Aaron M. Healey, Rajeev Muttreja, Mahesh V. Parlikad, Ricardo H. Puente, Dr. Wilson L.K. Sung