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Antitrust Alert: FTC Challenges Wage-Fixing Conspiracy Between Texas Staffing Companies

USA - August 16 2018 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and two Dallas therapist staffing companies have settled charges that they conspired to fix the wages of contract…

Michael A. Gleason, Thomas D. York

U.S. Department of Justice Rejects Modification of Music Licensing Consent Decrees

USA - August 29 2016 After a two-year investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice has decided not to seek modification of longstanding music licensing consent decrees…

Benjamin H. Cheng

U.S. FTC Challenges Ambiguous "Invitation to Collude" in Supplier-Distributor Relationship

USA - August 17 2016 The Federal Trade Commission has brought an action challenging an "invitation to collude" by piping distributor Fortiline, which allegedly invited a…

Geoffrey D. Oliver

Advice on practical problems for aviation in Asia

Asia-Pacific, China - December 7 2012 As the airlines of China and other Asian countries expand their operations around the world, those carriers and the businesses with which they interact have moved from the conceptual to the practical.

Antitrust alert: DOJ sentencing memorandum emphasizes importance of instituting antitrust compliance programs in face of government investigation

USA - October 20 2015 The U.S. Department of Justice has recommended a significantly reduced fine for an auto parts defendant accused of bid-rigging and price-fixing…

Ryan C. Thomas, Rachel H. Zernik