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FAQ About the FTC’s Controversial New “Unfair Methods of Competition” Policy

USA - November 30 2022 The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") released a new Policy Statement of its enforcement priorities for Section 5 of the FTC Act, which makes unlawful…

James Burnham, Michael A. Gleason, Lin W. Kahn, Ryan C. Thomas, Craig A. Waldman

FTC Resurrects Unilateral Preapproval in Merger Investigation Settlements to Halt Future "Anticompetitive" M&A

USA - November 9 2021 The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") revived a long-abandoned policy requiring that Commission orders settling FTC merger investigations include a…

Michael A. Gleason, Lin W. Kahn, J. Bruce McDonald, Craig A. Waldman

ACCC Proposes Substantial Changes to Australian Antitrust Merger Review

Australia, USA - September 9 2021 The leadership of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ("ACCC") has put forward a series of sweeping proposals that, if implemented…

Debra R. Belott, Matthew Bull, Prudence J Smith

DOJ and FTC Release Final Version of Vertical Merger Guidelines

USA - July 10 2020 Although the Guidelines do not offer bright-line rules to distinguish anticompetitive and procompetitive (or at least competitively benign) vertical…

Michael A. Gleason, Pamela L. Taylor, Ryan C. Thomas, Craig A. Waldman