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ClientEarth Threatens Legal Action Against Shell's Directors in England and Wales

United Kingdom - March 28 2022 Environmental NGOs are exploring new judicial routes to push energy companies to increase their commitments in reducing their direct and indirect…

Sarah Batley, Michelle Bradfield, Françoise S. Labrousse, Aidan Lawes, Armelle Sandrin-Deforge

Conflict in Ukraine: Liability for Non-Performance Under English Law

Ukraine, United Kingdom - March 21 2022 The conflict in Ukraine, and related sanctions imposed by governments across the world on an unparalleled scale, are causing severe impact on…

Sarah Batley, Michelle Bradfield, Rhys Thomas

Improvement Notices and Cladding in the UK: What You Need to Know

United Kingdom - March 24 2021 To discharge their statutory responsibilities, and as a result of increasing pressure from central government, local authorities ("LAs") are turning…

John J. Crowley

English Supreme Court Confirms Broad Application of Business Interruption Policies to COVID-19 Losses

United Kingdom - January 20 2021 The latest ruling by the UK's Supreme Court is a victory for policyholders. Following the High Court's September 2020 Judgment in the COVID-19…

Victoria S. Banson (Vicky), Tyrone R. Childress, Lee Coffey, Jason B. Lissy, Harriet Territt

Mapping Out Rental Controls Across Europe

European Union - October 30 2020 The term "Rent Controls" refers to measures designed to restrict the amount of rent that a landlord can charge a tenant for residential premises. Rent…

Víctor Casarrubios, Dr. Thomas Berg, Erwan Le Douce-Bercot, Flavia Poujade, David Smith