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Treaty protection for global patents: a response to a growing problem for multinational pharmaceutical companies

Global - October 15 2012 Patents held by multinational pharmaceutical companies are under assault in the developing world.

Leah D. Harhay, Charles T. Kotuby Jr. (Chuck), Melissa Stear Gorsline

Ten new Supreme Court opinions reshaping the intellectual-property landscape

USA - August 25 2014 Thirty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court heard between 150 and 175 cases each year, but rarely accepted an intellectual-property case for review…

Key Patent Law Decisions of 2015

USA - April 22 2016 In this White Paper, we have attempted to identify and summarize what we believe to be the most significant United States Supreme Court and Federal…

Shehla Wynne Ph.D.

CLS Bank: is this the "death of hundreds of thousands of patents"?

USA - May 21 2013 Many software and internet companies have secured patents on their technology to protect their investments. For some companies, such as startups…

John V. Biernacki, David M. Maiorana, Michael S. Weinstein

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Certiorari for Two Cases Having Important Consequences for Patent and Copyright Litigation

USA - May 4 2016 Diapers and cheerleader uniforms—those are the intellectual-property rights that the United States Supreme Court agreed to adjudicate on May 2, 2016…

John G. Froemming, Randy Kay, Sasha Mayergoyz, Jennifer L. Swize, Meredith M. Wilkes