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Beyond Masks: German Works Councils Play Key Role in Employee Safety

Germany - October 6 2020 The right of German works councils to co-determine matters relating to employee health and safety is not new, but has become far more relevant in…

Friederike Steininger, Markus Kappenhagen, Paul de Beauregard.

Coronavirus in Germany—What Employers Must Keep in Mind

Germany - May 22 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a challenge for employers and employees. Companies must protect their employees' health and at the same time…

Friederike Steininger, Markus Kappenhagen, Paul de Beauregard.

Key German Labor and Employment Law Developments of 2019 and What’s to Come in 2020

European Union, Germany - February 5 2020 As the New Year begins, it is a good time to look at key developments in German labor and employment law in 2019 and look ahead in 2020. With respect…

Friederike Steininger, Markus Kappenhagen, Paul de Beauregard.

European Court of Justice: Employers Must Implement a Daily Working Hours Registry

European Union - June 16 2019 The European Court of Justice ("ECJ") recently ruled that all employers in EU Member States must implement a daily registry of employee working hours…

Chantal Biernaux, Elizabeth B. McRee, Emmanuelle Rivez-Domont, Friederike Steininger, Irene H. Vermeeren-Keijzers, Jean-Michel Bobillo, Luca Allevi, Mark Taylor, Markus Kappenhagen, Matthew W. Lampe, Michael J. Gray, Paul de Beauregard, Vidal Galindo.

When Fixed-Term Employment in Germany is Actually Indefinite: Understanding Recent Labor Court Decisions

Germany - February 4 2019 The German Federal Labor Court had to decide on the question whether a seemingly fixed-term employment is actually an…

Friederike Steininger, Markus Kappenhagen.