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Which AI Components Are Copyright Protectable and Which Are Not?

USA - March 21 2022 The growing ability of artificial intelligence ("AI") systems to generate outputs of various kinds with little or no human contribution presents…

Edouard Fortunet, John G. Froemming, Haifeng Huang, Carrie L. Kiedrowski, Anna E. Raimer

2021 Mid-Year Review: Key Global Trade Secret Developments

Global - August 25 2021 A trade secret is any information used in one's business that derives independent economic value from being kept secret. Unlike patents, trade secrets…

Emmanuel G. Baud, Thomas Bouvet, Randy Kay, Rebecca Swindells

How EU and UK Trademark Owners Can Prevent Unauthorised Price Gouging

European Union, United Kingdom - May 14 2020 Manufacturers and brand owners of personal protective equipment ("PPE") and other "essential" items have discovered unauthorised third parties…

Yvan N. Desmedt, Matt Evans, Rebecca Swindells

IP Protection of Artificial Intelligence in Europe: Tailor-Made Solutions Required

European Union - April 14 2020 In Short The Situation: The use of artificial intelligence ("AI") enables important transformative developments across different industries and…

Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Andrea Weiss Jeffries, Stefan Schneider, Emily J. Tait

CJEU Confirms that Louboutin's Red Outer Sole Can Be a Trademark

European Union - July 6 2018 Over the years, French shoe fashion designer Christian Louboutin developed the signature mark of coloring the outer sole of the women's shoes he…

Emmanuel G. Baud, Marc F-X Groebl, Rebecca Swindells