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Senators Urge CFTC to Regulate Carbon Credit Markets

USA - October 31 2022 A group of seven U.S. Senators have written a letter to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC"), expressing concerns with the integrity of…

David A. Applebaum, Dickson C. Chin, Daniella A. Einik, Qian Hu, Jayant W. Tambe

A DAO Is No Defense: CFTC Says Decentralization Does Not Immunize DeFi from Regulation

USA - October 11 2022 Under the existing legal regimes, decentralized autonomous organizations ("DAO" or "DAOs") have been viewed as a way to hedge against regulatory…

James Burnham, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Sarah L. Levine, Brian C. Rabbitt, Mark W. Rasmussen

Digital Assets Defined: Consumer Protection and Cybersecurity Enter the Stage

USA - September 27 2022 In this latest White Paper on our Bill analysis, we underscore headline proposals in the Lummis-Gillibrand Responsible Financial Innovation Act (the…

Nathan S. Brownback, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Abradat Kamalpour, Mark W. Rasmussen, Joshua B. Sterling

Digital Assets Defined: SEC, CFTC, and Ancillary (Illusory?) Assets

USA - August 30 2022 In "Digital Assets Defined: How Lummis-Gillibrand Will Shape the Coming Fintech Debate," we provided a high-level overview of the Responsible…

Nathan S. Brownback, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Abradat Kamalpour, Laura S. Pruitt, Mark W. Rasmussen

Proposed Stabenow-Boozman Bill Falls Short in Bringing Regulatory Certainty to Digital Assets Space

USA - August 23 2022 Following the release of the Responsible Financial Innovation Act (the "Lummis-Gillibrand Bill"), four Senators on the Senate Committee on Agriculture…

Nathan S. Brownback, Dorothy N. Giobbe, Mark W. Rasmussen, Joshua B. Sterling, Jayant W. Tambe