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Litigation and Regulatory Considerations and Risks for Financial Market Participants in a Post-Pandemic Society

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - May 12 2021 More than a year ago the world fell victim to a global pandemic that would change life in ways that could never have been predicted. In the early…

Ryan J. Andreoli, Kelly A. Carrero, Michael R. Fischer, Philippe Goutay

They can't do that, can they? Constitutional limitations on the seizure of underwater mortgages

USA - June 29 2012 This Commentary discusses a proposal, referred to below as "the property seizure program," whereby state and local governments would use their eminent domain power to "condemn" underwater mortgages—that is, mortgages under which the outstanding amount of the debt exceeds the market value of the underlying real property.

Michael A. Carvin (Mike), Christopher Lovrien, Brian J. Murray, Katherine S. Ritchey, Jayant W. Tambe

What Impact Will the New Trump Administration Have on State Attorney General Activity?

USA - January 10 2017 Some state Attorneys General are already expressing their intention to challenge the new Trump Administration ("Administration") as it moves to…

Harold K. Gordon, Heather M. O'Shea, Charles T. Wehland

The future of mandatory consumer arbitration clauses

USA - November 13 2015 Arbitration as a means of dispute resolution is intended to help consumers and businesses save time and money and achieve fair results when compared…

Sanjay Narayan

California Attorney General Issues Bulletin on Health Data Breach Reporting Requirements

USA - September 23 2021 The California Attorney General ("AG") has issued guidance reminding health care providers of their duty to report health care data breaches and to…

Claire E. Castles