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Supreme Court denies cert in Herb Reed: Circuits to remain out of tune as to presumption of irreparable harm

USA - October 8 2014 The United States Supreme Court denied certiorari on October 6, 2014, inHerb Reed Enterprises, LLC v. Florida Entertainment Management, Inc., leaving…

John G. Froemming, Candice M. Reder, Meredith M. Wilkes

All's Fair in Whoville: Dr. Seuss Parody is Fair Use

USA - July 13 2018 A play about an adult Cindy Lou Who is a fair use of How the Grinch Stole Christmas ("Grinch"), according to a July 6, 2018, opinion issued by the U.S…

Aryane Garansi, Meredith M. Wilkes

U.S. Supreme Court Ends Decade-Long Software Copyright Battle: Google Wins

USA - April 9 2021 U.S. Supreme Court holds that Google's use of a small fraction of Oracle's Java SE API code for its Android platform is a fair use under copyright law…

John G. Froemming, Carl A. Kukkonen III, Anna E. Raimer, Jennifer L. Swize, Meredith M. Wilkes

No Longer Paid in Full: "Full Costs" Covers Only Taxable Costs in Copyright Cases

USA - March 7 2019 A unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court held that the word "full" was insufficient to justify awarding additional, nontaxable costs to the prevailing…

Anna E. Raimer, Meredith M. Wilkes

Honest Application Mistakes Do Not Invalidate Copyright Registration

USA - February 4 2022 The Supreme Court holds that the Copyright Act's safe harbor provision preserves the validity of a copyright registration notwithstanding an…

John G. Froemming, Carrie L. Kiedrowski, Anna E. Raimer, Jennifer L. Swize