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Inducement Suit Proceeds Against Insurance Company for Encouraging Use of Generic Drug

USA - January 24 2022 Generic drug makers often use "skinny labels" to carve out approved indications that are covered by an innovator's patents, and thus to avoid…

Cary Miller, Sarah A. Geers, Matthew J. Hertko, Anthony M. Insogna, Gasper J. LaRosa

Navigating Trade Secret Identification During Discovery: Timing & Scope

USA - December 20 2021 A trade secret derives its value by being kept secret, yet a trade secret owner is required to identify its trade secret at some point during…

Nathaniel P. Garrett, Michael Oblon, Cary D. Sullivan, Ryan K. Walsh

IP Protection of Artificial Intelligence in Europe: Tailor-Made Solutions Required

European Union - April 14 2020 In Short The Situation: The use of artificial intelligence ("AI") enables important transformative developments across different industries and…

Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Jakob Guhn, Stefan Schneider, Emily J. Tait

Protecting Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovations Through Patents: Subject Matter Eligibility

USA - March 12 2018 Artificial intelligence ("AI") and big data ("BD") innovations are a driving force of the current technological revolution, dramatically changing the…

Carl A. Kukkonen III, Douglas H. Pearson Ph.D.

Protecting Artificial Intelligence IP: Patents, Trade Secrets, or Copyrights?

USA - January 9 2018 The Situation: Artificial intelligence ("AI") technology is exploding across virtually all industries. Technology companies are innovating at warp…

Emily J. Tait