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Contemplating an ICO? It's All Fun and Excitement Until the SEC Comes to Call

USA - May 8 2018 ``Everybody's doing it.'' ``No one's getting hurt.'' ``You're ruining all the fun.'' Those retorts sound like the arguments a teen makes when her…

Glenn Luinenburg

Board Oversight of Cybersecurity

USA - March 26 2018 Cybersecurity is one of the highest priority issues for public company executives and directors. This note shares our views—developed over our…

Meredith B. Cross, Jamie Gorelick, William R. McLucas, Benjamin A. Powell, Leah Schloss, Jonathan Wolfman

Is the Cryptocurrency Bubble About to Burst?

USA - March 26 2018 Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have seen incredible growth in the last year, largely outside of regulatory oversight and without the investor…

Glenn Luinenburg

Five Things to Know About ICOs

USA - December 7 2017 Initial coin offerings or similar types of sales of virtual-based coins and tokens, are quickly becoming an important fundraising tool for many…

Glenn Luinenburg

US Department of the Treasury: A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities--Capital Markets

Global, USA - November 29 2017 In October 2017, the US Department of the Treasury (Treasury) published a report titled "A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities"…

Paul M. Architzel, Mahlet Ayalew, Aaron Friedman, Yoon-Young Lee, Bruce H. Newman, Andre E. Owens, Libby Ragan, Tiffany J. Smith, Petal Walker