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The Biden-Harris Administration’s Environmental Justice Policy Agenda: What Companies Need to Know

USA - July 27 2021 In its first six months, the Biden Administration has taken tangible steps to advance environmental justice (EJ) across the federal government. The…

Caroline McHugh, Peggy Otum

Regulatory challenges posed by emerging contaminants

USA - March 15 2018 Awareness of the presence of contaminants of emerging concern (a.k.a. Emerging contaminants) in public and private water supplies around the country…

H. David Gold, Rachel Jacobson

Public Lands Management in the Biden Era

USA - November 16 2020 As the 2020 presidential campaign made clear, President-elect Biden plans to usher in a sharp shift in policy priorities across the federal…

Rachel Jacobson, Peggy Otum, Raya B. Treiser

Environmental Justice in the Biden Administration

USA - February 3 2021 The Biden Administration is seeking to advance “environmental justice” (EJ) through its policy and regulatory priorities in a way that no…

Michael Connor, Rachel Jacobson, Caroline McHugh, Lauren Mercer, Peggy Otum

Trump’s Proposed NEPA Regulations Likely to Face Legal Challenge

USA - February 18 2020 The Trump Administration recently proposed amendments to the regulations implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)—the most…

Michael J.P. Hazel, Rachel Jacobson, Lauren Mercer, Shannon Morrissey, Raya B. Treiser