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Update: Supreme Court Dismisses Privilege Case after Hearing Arguments

USA - January 26 2023 Shortly after oral arguments on the correct standard for assessing the application of mixed-purpose communications in In re Grand Jury, the U.S…

Bruce M. Berman, Jeffrey Schomig, Howard M. Shapiro

SEC Adopts Requirements for Clawback of Erroneously Awarded Compensation

USA - October 28 2022 The long-anticipated rules regarding recovery of erroneously awarded incentive-based compensation, commonly referred to as a “clawback,” were adopted…

C. Alex Bahn, Gregory Wiessner, Alan J. Wilson, Jonathan Wolfman

Three Reasons the PCAOB’s Agreement With China May Not Have Changed the Landscape

China, Hong Kong, USA - August 30 2022 After months of closed-door negotiations, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) announced on Friday that it has entered into a…

Jeffrey I. Kessler, Daniel F. Schubert, Alan J. Wilson

SEC Acting Chief Accountant Cautions Against “Checklist Compliance” Approach to Auditor Independence

USA - June 9 2022 SEC Acting Chief Accountant Paul Munter re-emphasized the SEC’s focus on auditor independence in his June 8 statement on “The Critical Importance of…

Alan J. Wilson

A Look Ahead into Corporate Enforcement in the Biden Administration

USA - November 9 2021 Just one year after President Biden’s election, senior administration officials have signaled in public remarks that the federal government will…

Stephanie Avakian, Christopher Cestaro, Jay Holtmeier, Boyd M. Johnson III, Michael J. Leotta, Ronald C. Machen, Sara A. Maldonado, Kimberly A. Parker, Anjan Sahni