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Can a machine be an inventor?

Australia, European Union, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA - October 6 2021 The potentials and capabilities of artificial intelligence may have been unbeknownst to man once, but this has ceased to be the reality of modern…

Patent Battle: Huawei v ZTE

European Union - September 21 2020 The case was brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 16th July 2015 and led to a landmark decision regarding Standard…

Priyamvada Subhash

The on-going scuffle for the trademark “Glow and Handsome”

India - September 9 2020 Owning a famous Trademark is an integral part of any business. Trademarks help in instant recognition of the product and have ascendancy on people’s…

Swapna Ramaswamy

Role of Copyright Societies in the Music Industry

India - August 25 2020 In the last blog, we explored the various means through which the copyright laws were exploited by the music industry and talked about the various…

Additya Yawalkar

The Reality of Indian Music Industry

India - August 12 2020 What is the most important part of a song? If you ask this question to a layman , the answer will vary according to an individual's taste. I…

Aaditya Yawalkar