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Significance of Indian pharmaceutical patent laws

India - July 4 2022 The Indian pharmaceutical business is a profitable, high-tech-based industry that has grown steadily over the last three decades. Due to factors such…

Sakshi Shairwal

Analysis of Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2021

India - June 29 2022 The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2021, was recently passed by the Union Cabinet, amending the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)…

Sakshi Shairwal

Legality of unstamped agreement

India - June 29 2022 Every court or arbitrator before whom an unregistered contract chargeable with duty is brought is required by Section 33 of the Indian Stamp Act…

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Critique of children’s inheritance rights over self-acquired, parental, ancestral properties as per Indian law

India - June 23 2022 The property inherited by a Hindu from his or her father, father's father or father's father by birth is referred to as ancestral property. It is…

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Art law and its tax implications in India

India - June 7 2022 In many forms, India has been associated with its arts. The subcontinent has always been regarded for having artists of exceptional ability and…

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